Sport and Exercise Psychologists

Sport psychologists work with elite and amateur athletes, coaches and referees in individual and team sports.

They aim to improve performance based on psychological theory and help to prepare sporting professionals for the demands of their job, such as competition and training and achieving optimal mental health.

They are uniquely trained to understand the skills and abilities required for excellence in athletic domains, and to identify the psychological, cognitive, emotional, behavioural and psychophysiological inhibitors of consistent performance in the upper range of their capabilities.

Exercise psychologists apply psychological theory to increase motivation, exercise participation and performance in the general public.

Many psychologists hold specialism across both areas.


“After an injury set me back, I felt like I needed additional help to get to where I wanted to be as a sportsman. The sports psychologist assisted me and my coach in working through some of our obstacles. I now feel that my tennis performance is more consistent than it ever has been.”
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