Educational Psychologists

Educational psychologists help children and young people experiencing difficulties that are impacting on learning and their ability to access education.

Many educational psychologists work within the local education authority and some are based in schools.

The assessment process often includes meeting with the child/young person and their parent/family, as well as understanding the child’s difficulties in the school.

There may be discussions with teachers and other staff members, observations of behaviour, and in depth testing with tasks like puzzles.

Recommendations about support required in school are offered at the end of the assessment, as well as advice for teachers and parents.


“My child was really struggling to engage at school and so we paid for an educational psychologist to help us work through the difficulties. After a lengthy but welcomed assessment process that included observations at school and a learning assessment, the psychologist was able to offer clear advice to the teachers on how best to support our son so that he can better access the material. It’s made such a difference”.
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    Clinical Supervision

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