Clinical Psychologists

Clinical psychologists help support people with a wide range of mental health difficulties and physical health problems, including anxiety, stress and depression.

Many offer support across the lifespan, but some specialise in working with children and families, adults or older adults.

Clinical psychologists may also train to be more specialist in their area, such as further training in working with grief, traumatic experiences, personality disorders, or adjustment to long-term health conditions or life-changing injuries.

Clinical psychologists aim to reduce psychological distress and enhance wellbeing. They begin by completing an assessment to explore your current difficulties and may use questionnaires and observations to help them understand situations.

Assessments often lead to advice, signposting to relevant services or a discussion about the most appropriate therapy to meet your needs.

Clinical psychologists are also involved heavily with research and in evaluation of services to provide a strong evidence base for practice and to remain current with new treatments and interventions.

“I realised that my world had become so small. I had stopped going out with my friends and was reluctant to take the bus to work. I started to feel hopeless and wasn’t sure how to change anything. I worked with a clinical psychologist using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and have reclaimed my life.”
“My life seemed to stop when my son died. Everything was too painful and I felt like I should have been able to ‘move on’ 4 years after, but nothing had changed. Through therapy, my clinical psychologist helped me to realise that my experiences, emotions and actions were all normal. I didn’t have to move on completely (in fact this was unrealistic) but there were things I could do to ‘move forward’. I’ve been rebuilding my life and gaining confidence with things I hadn’t tried before. I still have difficult days but I no longer beat myself up when I do because I’ve learnt it’s ok to have them. I’m now armed with tools to help me cope.”

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