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Hello, if you have somehow found this account, please disregard. It is a test account used to make sure updates to the site function correctly. It does not offer any services.

I am a children's specialist, with over 22 years looking after, and providing expert services at both an individual level, as well as working with local councils and schools.

I specialise in providing care whether that is a family bereavement, bullying , or other individual-level sessions. You'll find most of my advertised sessions are 30 minutes in length, as I prefer to make sure I can hold the child's attention for the entire time.

Although I will offer longer sessions for teenagers and young adults.

Over my 22 years I have created a series of tests that are run both in-person, and virtually through video playback for primary schools. The sessions I have here that are educational institute focused are able to be done both in person, or I can offer a lower rate for virutal sessions, please use the form to reach out to me and we can make something work.




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